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Parking Spot LeasingFrequently Asked Questions

  1. Read the FAQ and get all your questions answered
  2. Send us an email requesting a parking spot lease (instructions at bottom of page)
  3. Receive parking spot lease via RightSignature
    • Fill in your vehicle information
    • Sign the lease within 48 hours of receiving it
  4. Provide us with payment for your parking spot and a deposit for your parking pass within 7 days of signing the lease

Our parking leases are either 8 month leases or 12 month leases.  It is recommended to sign a 12 month lease as it is first come first serve and when you decide to sign an 8 month parking lease, there may be limited spots left.

Varsity Properties will be selecting your spot for you. Don't worry, all of our spots are monitored and are close to our properties therefore they'll all be great.

The entire Varsity Properties Team is constantly monitoring our spots, if there is any unauthorized parkers we will promptly ticket, immobilize, or tow at the owners expense.  It is also important that if you have a parking lease with Varsity, you always have your parking pass on your rearview mirror and have correct vehicle information with us.

There are limited visitor spots at several locations, please look for the Yellow Park-It Sign, all information for payment is outlined on the sign.  You can pay by calling in, or going onto your smartphones web browser and using your credit card.
The following properties have Guest Parking Spots operated by Honk Mobile. 

  • 329 Johnson St
  • 505/513 Albert St
  • 311 Queen St
  • 1 Mack St


Visitors are not allowed to park in your spot, this is so we don't make the mistake or towing a wrong car that doesn't match the information we have on file.

You are not allowed to share a parking spot, this is because we wish to avoid any complications with vehicle information.

Your parking pass needs to be clearly displayed on your rearview mirror.

Please remember to park within your lines, especially during the winter.  Our parking lots get leased out fully, and once one resident parks outside of the lines, all other spots will be effected.

If there is someone else in your spot, please call our office immediately at 613-545-3322 with the vehicle information of the car in your spot.  In the meantime, we may provide you with a temporary spot to park while we take care of the situation.  If there is a guest parking spot open, please park there in the meantime.

We have specific parking spaces that we leave open for snow plowing, please do not park in these spots.

Plan ahead if you have a vehicle, as our spots do lease quickly!