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A true partner for parents focused on Student Success

The well-being and safety of your student is our #1 priority. Our communities combine high quality, fully cleaned suites with stress free hotel-style services that help your student to concentrate on their post-secondary education at Queen's University.


Varisty Properties Loves Parents

Varsity Properties is Kingston’s best student housing community.

Varsity Properties is Kingston’s best student housing community. Our beautiful properties are all within a 10 minute walk to Queen's Campus and are purpose built to make Student Living comfortable.  We offer the best resident and parent services designed to make the transition to adult living and independence as smooth as possible.

We have 10 years of experience designing, developing, owning, and operating homes for students with one goal: simplify the lives of our residents so they can focus on being successful in their post-secondary studies. We’re professionals, we’re student housing specialists, we’ve even been called student success experts.